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Richardson Electronics is a one-stop electronics shop.  While vehicle audio and accessories is an area of expertise, the other half of our store is an electronic service center. All types of electronic items are repaired, including computers, TVs, DVD players, car and home stereos, X-Boxes, Play Stations and all gaming units. We will repair just about any electronic item. We are an authorized service center for RCA, GE, JVC and we offer repairs on extended service contracts for GE and NEW.
For vehicle enthusiasts shopping for wheels and tires, a virtual computer program can be used on-site to preview wheels and tires on specific vehicles prior to purchase. Paint color, window tints, and vehicle heights can all be altered virtually.  Customers can even print pictures to take home.
We are eager to assist you with any kind of electronic repairs, service, installations, or upgrades.

Jamie Richardson is an upstanding man to do business with! He is fair and honest! If you have any doubts and feel like you can get a better deal any where else you are wrong!!! Great service!!! Great customer service!!!

Posted By: Johnathan Bonham

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